Illustration/design 3D game installation

The creative team at Gramafilm ( directed and produced the Google Playtime event
in Amsterdam, November 2019. This annual event brings together Google’s game and app developers. For this immersive event, they created, managed and produced several interactive experiences.

Under Gramafilm’s creative direction,
I designed and illustrated their racetrack/quiz game - illustrating the cars, set and designed digital game screens. The project linked an on screen quiz game to the 3D race track in front of the players.


This project was one section of a much larger event Gramafilm produced, with many different experiences for the attendees.


It was great to see it come to life in 3D and have people interact with. I'd love to create more colourful, large-scale 3D projects in 2020.

Individual racing car designs

Screen designs and illustrations

Game being played at the event