Acrylic painting on lasercut plywood

For the second lockdown in September in London, I wanted to paint during any downtime I had. I love painting but kept putting it off to do personal work on the computer, so I finally dug out my old paints and brushes to separate myself from screens.

I had one of my illustrations, Lover & Fighter made into a plywood laser cut. I created this illustration in August after many months of social distancing. It was inspired by all the creatives I saw, fighting for their creativity and love of art and imagination.

I worked on sections of the painting everyday (mostly evenings or very early mornings when it was very quiet). I finished it at the end of November, just when the 2nd lockdown here opened back up.

I loved working at this scale and will be working at this size for the next few paintings. Over Christmas 2020, London had more restrictions put in place, so I'll be working on two more paintings over the next few weeks!

Illustration lasercut into diecut plywood


Masking sections with tape

Applying a second coat of paint


Painting details


Final artwork