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Packaging Illustration | Summer-Themed Limited Edition

BALL Corporation, a global leader in aluminum beverage can manufacturing, sought an innovative and vibrant packaging illustration to promote their summer-themed limited edition cans. My task was to create a design that emphasized the infinite recyclability of aluminum while utilizing special Day-Glo inks for maximum visual impact.

The centerpiece of my illustration is an infinity symbol subtly integrated into the design, representing a "road" for a summer road trip. This path weaves through scenes of festivals, featuring musical instruments, tents, and vibrant imagery to evoke a lively atmosphere. A festival camper van drives through the illustration, accompanied by fun road signs and scenic backdrops, with summer fruits scattered throughout to suggest refreshing beverage flavors.

My aim was to captivate consumers with the illustration's fun and joyful spirit, encouraging them to explore the detailed elements woven into the design. The vivid, summery colors, enhanced with Day-Glo green and yellow inks, ensure the cans stand out on the shelves.

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