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BALL Corporation are a global aluminium beverage can manufacturer. They produce innovative packaging to elevate brands and to help them engage consumers.

I was approached to create an illustration that would be vibrant, colorful, and increase awareness of the infinite recyclability of aluminium and also utilise the special effect Day-Glo inks for my illustration.

The themes of my illustration wrap around an infinity symbol hidden within the illustration – it creates both a “road” for the road trip and also creates a path through the themes. I’ve included images in my illustration to reflect fun and socialising at festivals, with musical instruments, festival tents and vibrant images to create an impactful vibe. A festival camper van drives through the illustration with fun roadsigns and scenic imagery. Fruits are dotted throughout to imply Summer fruits and beverage flavors.

I wanted the consumer to be hit first with the overall fun and joy, images reflecting the excitement of being together – but then see more details throughout the illustration.

I’ve used vivid, Summery colors to create lots of energy – the green and yellow are printed in special Day-Glo inks to make the cans stand out.

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