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Illustrated poster, title graphic and playlist


I created an intricate London-themed illustration for ICONOKLAST, creators of giant 100mm x 70mm coloring posters created by artists worldwide. This piece offers hours of coloring fun for both kids and adults!

My detailed London illustration features a dense tapestry of city landmarks, historical elements, cultural icons, and musical references. It showcases the diverse backgrounds and eras that define London’s unique character, including Pearly Kings, Notting Hill Carnival, Shakespeare, the Windrush generation, David Bowie, Buckingham Palace, Chinatown, the BBC, Brick Lane, and much more. I aimed to blend iconic London landmarks recognizable to visitors with imagery that locals will appreciate.

Included with the illustration is a box with a QR code linking to a Spotify playlist I curated. This playlist, filled with London-themed music spanning various decades and genres, features musicians from London, albums recorded in the city, songs about London, and tracks that evoke different periods of my life here.

Save and listen to the playlist here.

(or scan the QR code on the box when purchased)


The giant illustration comes in a gift box, perfect for carrying and coloring on the go – ideal for kids and adult travelers alike.

Purchase one here or find them in gift shops everywhere (coming soon).

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