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03_1080_wine illustration_Linda Baritski seasonofvictory.jpg
04_1080_wine illustration_Linda Baritski seasonofvictory.jpg


Wine Enthusiast Editorial Art

I created this illustration for an editorial spread in Wine Enthusiast magazine, accompanying an article by Stacy Briscoe.

This editorial illustration visually captures the aromatic and flavor profile of Pinot Noir. The article explores the primary, secondary, and tertiary characteristics of this wine.

  • Primary Characteristics: These originate from the grape itself, featuring red fruits, black fruits, flowers, and earthy notes.

  • Secondary Characteristics: These are influenced by winemaking decisions, with fermentation adding black tea and vanilla nuances, and the use of old wood vessels imparting a toasted wood flavor.

  • Tertiary Characteristics: These develop through maturation, introducing elements like damp forest floor, mushroom, and potpourri.

This piece aims to visually translate the complexity and depth of Pinot Noir's profile as detailed in the article.

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