For the second lockdown here in London in September, I wanted to paint during any downtime I had while waiting for client feedback on projects. I love painting but kept putting it off to do personal work on the computer, so I finally dug out my old paints and brushes for a bit of fun.

I've always appreciated 3 dimensional artwork that combine build with paint – something about the scale and colours. I had one of my illustrations made into a plywood laser cut by Cut Lasercut. It took around 3-5 days to have it made and delivered (most workshops were still producing and making throughout the lockdown).

I worked on it a bit everyday (mostly evenings or very early mornings). Sharp edges were masked off with Frogtape.

I used Liquitex acrylic paints and brushes I already had. For any blobby mistakes I used an Exact-O knife to neaten at the end. Since plywood is quite porous, I brushed it with a layer of semi-gloss medium before painting (still had to apply two coats of paint for some of the colours!).

I finished this the first week of December, just when the lockdown here opened back up. I loved working at this scale and will be working larger on the next few paintings. Super pleased with the results so definitely going to keep making time to be creative with my paint brushes more!

I'm having it custom framed, floated, with a margin around it to finish it for hanging. In the future, it'll be a really crazy reminder to me about this year in London!

This piece isn't for sale, but I do have A3 (297mmX420mm) and A2 (420mmX594mm) size prints of the illustration available in my shop HERE.

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