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Mural Illustration, Tote Bag, and Event Illustrations

Project: Spyder Korea

For Spyder Korea, I created a vibrant and psychedelic mural illustration, tote bags, and event illustrations, embodying the themes of peace, fun, and love in Seoul.

Mural Illustration:

The site-specific mural is prominently featured at the entrance of the Spyder shop in Apgujeong, Seoul. These illustrations create an inviting and dynamic entrance at street level, enhancing the shop's visibility and appeal.

Shop Features:

Spyder Korea’s location is more than just an apparel store.

It includes:

  • A coffee bar

  • A meeting place

  • A cycle mechanic service

  • A gym with mats for classes

Additional Designs:

I also designed decorative window graphics for another area of the building and created unique tote bags to complement the overall aesthetic.

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