"UNWASTED", The Eco Rug Collection

I collaborated with STUDIO KNOT on 9 limited edition handwoven art rugs for their 2nd collection: "UNWASTED, The Eco Rug Collection".


These soft, ethical rugs are hand tufted by artisan weavers in India

and made of 100% recycled material diverted from landfills.


The rugs bear the Goodweave International label ensuring that

no child labour has been used on any of them. A portion of the rug sale goes back into Goodweave to rescue children from slavery within the rug industry.


As a designer, if you've worked for brands on the high street or fast-fashion, you are aware the products you're involved with aren't always ethical - just to meet price points. This won't go away completely, but it's great to work with a company who are trying to make steps to change that.

"Sunset" rug from the collection

Rugs being ethically produced by hand

Other rugs from the collection